in the matter of celebration, the number of the moment taken from the sale of 2 numbers.  19/7/2012 Letter: 
The Government of India has decided to celebrate “Sanitation Fortnight” from the year 2018 which is monitored by all the Ministries of the Government of India in coordination with the State Governments and Union Territories.  Like every year, this year also Dt.  Sanitation fortnight will be celebrated in all the primary schools of the state from September 1 to 12, 2021. Teachers and students in the primary schools will have to participate in keeping in view the guideline of Cowid-12, in which the school teachers will inform the students about the cleanliness and maintenance of the school. 

 The following activities should be carried out during the clean fortnight: With the participation of students, teachers and the community, the cleanliness fortnight should promote covid related preparations in schools / institutions.  (2) Proper use of masks (3) Maintaining social distance and 1 1s (love, testing and treatment) 1. Following the guideline of Kovid. 

 In which all the teachers and students of the school will have to participate through virtual means and maintaining social distance, in the first week through SMCs / PTAs.  The meeting will have to be organized between the teachers and the parents through virtual medium and maintaining social distance.  

The importance of hygiene and hand washing, use of masks, social distance should be encouraged.  Teachers to inspect water and sanitation facilities in each school / institution and to make proposals for repair and maintenance of facilities if required.  Competitions will have to be organized in the district / taluka / cluster for clean and well maintained spaces and toilets in schools.  

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Testing of water facility under Jal Jeevan Mission.  In the rainy season till November 2021, the status of water storage systems in the school can be checked and a growth plan can be carried out.  Extensive cleaning and disinfection of toilets, kitchens, classrooms, fans, doors, windows, etc. should be carried out on campus. 

 The local community can participate in these activities with the participation of SAcs / PTAs and local representatives, the number of participating schools, photographs and videos and promotional materials must be uploaded to Google+ Track and Drive,  03 / o2 / 2021 (Shakwar) “Community Awareness Day * or to organize community awareness day aminar (virtualana groups) on the theme of hygiene to promote hygiene and cowardly safe behavior in children. 

 Promoting the theme of Sikran among the people in the local areas under 19. The number of students participating in the Community Awareness Day, photographs and videos and promotional materials must be uploaded on Google Tracker and prive.  And Sunday) “In Green School Nine Days students can develop imaginative slogans, posters and pennant plaques on topics such as cowardly behavior and fighting corona by eliminating vaccinations, water conservation, single use plastics etc.  And it will have to be installed in school backgabbing, village, city, and school premises. 

 To educate students about water conservation at school and at home, the number of participating schools, photographs and videos and promotional materials will have to be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.  Ta.  Dated from 08 / o2 / 2011.  02 / pe021 (Monday and Tuesday; “Participation Day in spite of the self * Competition is organized in the district / talu buy Lastrau in Swasthal toilet and clean school campus by following the Kovid protocol.  

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Organize 50 (virtual) essay writing competitions on the theme “School”. Top 2 essays, slogans and jokes will have to be scanned per district. Number of students participating in the drawing competition will have to be uploaded on Google Tracker and prive.  Wednesday) – Handwashing Day “to raise awareness about the need for hand washing in everyday life,

The method is to teach children how to wash their hands with soap before and after a meal.> Review and ensure free access to drinking water and toilet facilities for disabled students.  Children will be taught about water borne diseases, safe drinking water care so that they can use the right brush, number of participating schools, Kautaugaksh and VT and promotional materials will have to be uploaded on Google Tracker and premak.  Is the date.  0e fo 6/2071 to 10,06/01 (Thursday and Saturday 


 Personal Hygiene Day – Informing students about the importance of personal hygiene through audio visual program.  Teaching about wearing, not washing in the open, wearing slippers, etc. (Wearing masks, not shaking hands, eating with each other and not sharing anything else, avoiding going to the mead place during Cowid 19. Provide students with shelter and drinking water facilities.  Teach students the importance of brushing their teeth three times a day and make it a regular habit. Number of participating schools, photographs and videos and promotional materials must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.  

From 19/02021 Saturday and Sunday) * Hygiene Demonstration Day “Photographs, pictures, cartoons, urine etc. made by students on hygiene activities / weed responsive behaviors  To be displayed on the website.  The state can document how many of these performances.  .  
Creating art objects at home by reusing local waste collection, that is, using local skills that promote their culture.  Number of participating schools, photographs and videos and promotional materials must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.  કતા.  Dated from 13/06/2018  15 / D defeat 021 (Monday and Tuesday) * Self-exhausting work day “SMC SDMIC is to create awareness among students, parents and locals about the Sanitation Action Plan (Covid-19 related measures).

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To organize a meeting of Bal Saisad / School Cabinet to discuss hygiene fortnight activities in the school.  Community members and students will be encouraged to make suggestions on what new activities can be included in the self-paced fortnightly deck and BAWA suggestions should be uploaded to the MoE, the number of participating schools, photographs and video and type content to be uploaded to Google Tracker and Dave. 

Ta.  19/08/2071 (Wednesday) “Prize Distribution Day” Prizes will be distributed to the students who have participated in the frozen drawing, essay, quiz, tharya, urine shaikhan at school level.  All schools / classes will have to consolidate activities during the fortnight.  And send the best activity to the district / state for uploading on the website.  Number of participating schools, quotas and videos and promotional materials must be uploaded to Google Tracker and Drive.  .

Note: Plz always check and confirm the all above details with the official website and Advertisement/ notification.




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