Constitution Day, 26 November 2021 Our duties, our rights children! 

Constitution Day, 26 November 2021 Our duties, our rights children! 

Warm greetings to all of you on Constitution Day Before knowing about Constitution Day, we need to know what is Constitution?  What is its need?  etc.  Children, you all know that 75 years ago our country was a slave country.  Do you understand the meaning of slavery?  Yes, the meaning of slave or slavery is absolutely right, in which one has to obey the orders or orders of others and is not allowed to do any work of his own free will.

About 100 years ago or even before today, a great leader of our country, Mahatma Gandhi, all of you must have heard his name, started a movement or say a kind of fight and that was a movement or a fight, to liberate our country.  So that we can run our country in our own way and not be slaves of anyone.  


The result of this movement or fight was that on August 15, 1947, our country became free from that slavery and since then we have become a free country.  Now after independence, an important issue came to the fore that what kind of our country will be after independence and on what rules and principles it will run.  

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Then to write these principles and rules, everyone together formed a committee, this committee after much deliberation made a book and wrote all those rules and principles in this book, which are essential for the smooth running of our country.  This book is called the Constitution.  In this book (Constitution), all those rules or principles have been described or mentioned in the manner in which the country will be run.  

The Constitution of our country was made in November 1949, i.e. 72-73 years ago, the Constitutional Assembly of our country accepted or adopted this constitution on 26.11.49 Children, we all accept the constitution that has been written.  And follow the rules and principles written in it to run their country smoothly.  The biggest thing has been written in this constitution of ours that what will be the rights of every citizen of our country and what are the duties, what are the responsibilities or will all the citizens of the country, including children?

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In order to promote the spirit of patriotism among the citizens of India and to maintain unity in the country, some fundamental duties have been given in our constitution for the citizens of our country, which are as follows 1) It is our duty that we all follow the constitution  .  

While hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem, respect it by standing in the posture of caution.  In 2) Harmony amongst themselves (ie do not fight amongst themselves) and promote the feelings of brotherhood 3) We got freedom from hard work.  We should understand its importance and should follow this freedom in the right way.  

We should protect our country and should always be ready to serve the nation when needed.   We should promote mutual brotherhood and love.  No one should be discriminated on the basis of religion, language, caste, region etc.  We should give respect to women, talk to them with respect.  We should respect and protect our diverse and glorious culture. 

 We should protect and have compassion towards our environment and nature, such as forest, lake, river, trees, plants, wildlife etc.  We should develop scientific thinking, knowledge and the spirit of improvement in society.  Public property like parks, monuments, roads, schools, playgrounds, museums etc. should not be kept dirty.  

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Whatever work we do, give our best in it, so that our country also moves forward and touches the heights.  Come, now we will talk about the rights of the citizens of our country.  Children, the first of the rights which have been mentioned in our constitution, is the right to equality!  

Right to equality means that every citizen of the country is equal or equal, that is, no one is big and no small country’s law and in the eyes of the people who are running the country, every person or say every citizen is equal.  And it has also been said in the constitution that there will be no discrimination in our country on the basis of caste, religion, sex or any other. More read in below letter.

Note: Plz always check and confirm the all above details with the official website and Advertisement/ notification.


Celebration of Constitution Day on 26 NOV.


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