મોંઘવારી ભથ્થા બાબત સમાચાર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The world’s longest dance festival Navratri has just come to an end.  Knowing the seriousness of the current Corona epidemic, everyone showed their social understanding.  Gujarati should have a good code of conduct.  Yet everyone enjoyed the festival with restraint.  However, people were not seen playing in the house anywhere.  This Garba means the pride and cultural identity of Gujarat.  Now Garba and Garbo have become modern.  Today Garbo has become global.

     There was a time when playing street garba.  One or two people sing garba in the middle of the street.  Colorful garba rice was the center of attraction.  In some places, Mataji’s mandvi should be taken down.  In some places, the practice of playing with flowers is also seen.  Thus many traditions are also seen in Mataji’s adoration and dance festival.

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      Garba shimmers and Garba plays to the beat of all the applause.  Along with the drums, manjiran, nargha, the rhythm of desi instruments like Garba Ramzat Jamati.  The applause that fell together, the garba that sang in a rage, and the rattling of the dandiya all made the atmosphere resound.  At the same time, the atmosphere was brightened by the light of Garba and the light of the walls.

      These street garbs sung on the streets were our invaluable culture.  Elders, old people are all sitting.  Garba sings Zile with applause in a voice according to his strength.  In addition, young people and children get excited by putting their minds to it.  Even in this Garba, the feeling of folk life could be seen beating.  All eyes were on the virgins and the newlyweds.  Discussions were going on about the way virgins and newlyweds used to hang out.  Lahani was also distributed to the poor players in some places.

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      Even small children can prove their presence in Garba Chowk in the evening.  Let it run like a butterfly.  These children play merrily in Garba.  Take new steps.

“Bhabhi, no matter how hard we try, we don’t make mugs like mummy. Mummy means mummy. She still listens to the mugs she makes. There is a lot of ghee made at home. But what can we do?  – Sister speaks with a sigh.

Our mom was good at cooking.  In this case, let’s just eat the shiro of his hand, lapsi, mugs.  If there is a story in anyone’s house in the village or any other Manglik occasion, then understand that mom got tendu.  “A hendo premilaben, if this is the story, then make shiro.”  – Someone must have come to call.  Mom goes to the mouth smiling.  Spend time between farm, cattle, lots of household chores.  Most of the time, it is the handiwork of the story.  It still tastes like a mug.

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In winter, a special house of pure ghee mugs was often made.  The boys enjoy the taste of mugs.  The box was full of squares of mugs.  Eating mugs when desired.  There are also fours on the mugs.  Which makes the mug more palatable.

Even my daughters often say, “Mommy, make a mug like Ba.”  He also liked the mug made by Bae very much.  Mom always listens when we eat mugs.  In the dish made by our mother, its immense tenderness is mixed.  So mother’s hand dish looks sweet and delicious!  Ma te ma!  It does not pair.

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