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Any game is played not only on the field, but also in the minds of the players, in the dressing room, in the meeting room or in the discussions going on in the page. ‘Straight Drive’ will tell all the stories of the games that have settled in the hearts of the fans and are being discussed on the lips, every Saturday.

The biggest brand of cricket with an amount of 1725 crores. Whether it was the ‘Finger Gate’ episode of Australia’s 12-year and 3-month career or the controversy over whether Anushka was found in the current match, whether it was the season of kneeling against James Anderson in England or the intense trolling that followed RCB’s defeat in the IPL every year. Kohli has been handling many such controversies and career low-points instinctively. But a billion dollar question for all who love and hate Virat: What is Kohli’s real legacy if India does not win a single tournament from the World Test Championship or the T-20 World Cup this year?

In focus
Even those who find Kohli’s approach over the top are forced to sit quietly with their fingers in their mouths because of his batting. However, in English it is called M Tables Have Turned. The country’s heartthrob Chiku has not scored a century in the last 34 innings and 470+ days. Under him, India has not won any major ICC tournament in 5 years. On the other hand, Rohit Sharma has added one more IPL trophy to his closet. Therefore, many believe that Sharmaji’s boy should be made the captain of the Indian T-20 team. In the absence of Virat in Australia, Ajinkya Rahane won the series and then on Virat’s return, the loss against England in Chennai added fuel to the fire. Now even the remaining Tabarias on the street are saying, let Rahane be the captain of the Test.

You tell me, if our hero goes, where will he go, if he does, what will he do? Brother, it is not at all the case that Kohli’s golden period is over. As everyone knows, putting Daddy Hundred’s line is just a good innings away. There is still the World Test Championship and the T-20 World Cup in India to prove his worth as a captain. I personally believe that the bat of Just a Matter of Time will definitely speak and he was born to break Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 century record. So with Virat the batsman on the side, let’s focus on Kohli the captain.

From here, if India wins either the World Test Championship or the T-20 World Cup, there is nothing left to talk about Kohli’s captaincy. But if not Narayan and India failed then what is the real legacy of Kohli The Captain?
Winning the World Cup is not the only criterion for one’s valuation
To argue that – Ricky Ponting, M.S. It is wrong to say that only World Cup winning captains like Dhoni, Steve Waugh, Clive Lloyd are immortalized in history. Under gentleman Rahul Dravid we were knocked out in the first round of the 2007 World Cup after a humiliating loss to Bangladesh. Sourav gives all the credit to Ganguly that he taught fighting abroad. Under the same grandfather’s captaincy, the Indian team outperformed the school boys in the 2003 final. The bottom line is, World Cup victory is the cherry on the cake. But it is not the only criterion for one’s valuation. Brian Lara, Dravid, Ganguly, Anil Kumble, Kumar Sangakkara, Alastair Cook … there is a long list. Veterans who have graced the game but their names do not have the badge of a World Cup winner. So it doesn’t really matter, man.

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The face of Indian cricket changed
Kohli was the first to introduce fitness culture after taking charge of the team. Like England and other countries, we also did yo-yo test compulsory. Now, a test has been prepared in which the players have to run 2 km in 8.30 minutes. The bonus is that with the competition for the Six Pack, most players are starting to be spotted with Beard.

Let’s move from fitness to determination and clarity of thoughts. Fast bowler Mohammad Shami said on-record after a match, “Whether it’s the first over of the first day of the Test or the last of the final day, we are inspired to play with the same energy in every situation. It’s not just about being physically fit, it’s about It’s important not to get mentally exhausted. ” Whether it is a matter of winning the series after trailing 0-1 in Sri Lanka or South Africa offering a sharp pitch in Johannesburg, Dhruji refuses to play. Licensing youngsters like Rishabh Pant, Shubhaman Gill to play fearless at an early age. Introduce Cheteshwar Pujara as a Test Specialist to give good grade in Annual Agreement. To be the first Asian captain to win a Test series in Australia or to publicly give credit to Raju for throwing India into the nets. Whether the result is in his favor or not. Virat knows what he wants, what the process is for it and he is a firm believer in that process. He single-handedly brought about cultural changes and changed the face of Indian cricket.

Kohli’s impact
Spin Dominate converted the Indian bowling lineup into the world’s best pace bowling attack. Prepared a team so that no fielder has to hide anywhere during fielding like in the old days. Burying the home and away match concept in the ground explained to the team that we are capable of winning anywhere. Let’s take a short leap from this topic and look at the financial aspect. In the series against India, the Australian board promoted Kohli instead of Steve Smith, David Warner or his team to invite fans to the stadium during the Corona season, to sit in the stands and watch the match. Here is the impact of King Kohli.

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