ઓક્ટોબર 2021 વાલી ફોન સંપર્કડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Pal is found in and around the fields.  It is also called shift, shift or shift.  This pal is made as per the requirement of the farm.  This shift is in a way the extent of the farm.  The natural demarcation of the farm is shift.  The need for a footpath to go from one farm to another is also good for this shift.  Walking on a narrow shift across the farm is also a daunting task.  We walked a lot on the shift.  Not only walking, but also running.

Due to shifting, the fields are divided into squares.  Grass grows for many months on the shift.  This creates scenes where the field is covered with green leaves.  Green fodder is available from here for cattle fodder.  People are seen grazing here all year round.  Besides, when the field is fallow, cattle, goats and sheep graze here.

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A farmer or a laborer working in a field gets tired just by sitting here.  This is where you can sip tea.  It solves all kinds of issues like agriculture, farm, monsoon, crop etc.  In addition, new stories of the country and the world are spread from the village.  In a way, shift means just look at the farm book.  This shift is a witness to all the facts here.

This small shift acts as the boundary of the farm.  Shift means farmer’s self-esteem.  The blindness of owning one’s own farm means shift.  If it moves back and forth even an inch, the dhingana will bend.  Sometimes the issue of ownership of a tree growing on a shift causes controversy.  However, the shift farm has always been a witness to the existence of the farmer.  Even today I love to walk on the farm shift.  Happiness bounces in Haiya.  That childhood looks dazzling.

Winter has arrived.  Currently, the cold is very strong.  Feeling cold.  Public life is stifled.  People are seen doing new experiments to escape the cold.  Electric heaters are also being used along with warm clothing.  People are also seen warming up.

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This heat is an easy and handy way to get relief from the bitter cold of winter.  It is usually heated on the street or in the beans.  One by one, all around the heat.  Instead, a circle of people is formed around the heat.  One or two people are heating the heat.  Someone is showing the trick of heating the heat well;  Advises.  Remember if no one came to you.  If someone shouts at someone, someone even goes to call someone.  The place and time of this heating must be almost fixed.

When all come together, Alkamalak’s words are heard.  The whole village is uprooted.  OK.  There are one or two conversations in this group.  He doesn’t miss a word.  The subject of the talk may change, but the knowledge of their talk is not lost.  The whole village will get the news.  This heat becomes the center of the news.  Every day the subject of conversation changes.  Sometimes the story is incomplete or the story goes on again the next day.

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This is evidence of harmony, affection and cooperation.  They all make room for each other even when they are sitting on the bench.  If someone is trembling, he should take off his blanket or shawl and show his compassion.  If you see a puppy shivering or chirping anywhere in the vicinity, it gives you a warmth.  Not only this, with the help of sleeping bag you can do this.

This warmth connects everyone to each other.  Many memories of this heat are refreshed.  The warmth that takes place in the bean and the affectionate and emotional talk that takes place in it gives the same warmth to Ajay Haiyan.


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