How does Family Link work?

How does Family Link work?


When a child or teen uses their Android device, Google’s Family Link app helps parents learn about their activities and allows parents to set important rules for their family’s digital world.

First, the child / teen must have a device that works with Family Link (see which devices work with Family Link). Then parents can get started by downloading Family Link on their own device (Android or iPhone).

If the child / teen already has an account, Family Link will let their parents know how they can link their account to their child’s account. In this context, the child / adolescent may need to download the Family Link application (Child / Teen) on their phone to complete the account link.

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Parents can also use Family Link to create a “Google Account” for a child under 13 (or the applicable age in your country). Once complete, kids can sign in with their new account on their device.

Once accounts are added, parents can track items such as time spent using the device and content used, from Family Link.

No. Family Link doesn’t block inappropriate content, but some apps may have their own filters. You can also find filters in some Google apps, such as “Search” and Chrome, in Family Link. For parents of teens 13 and older, Restriction Mode on YouTube is an optional setting that can be used to sort adult content. Please note that these filters are not perfect, so sometimes pornographic, graphic or other content that you don’t want your child to see is blocked. To help you decide what is right for your family, we suggest you review the app settings as well as the settings and tools available in Family Link.

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Can parents use Family Link on Android?

Yes. Parents can use Family Link on KitKat (4.4) and later Android devices.

Can parents use Family Link on iOS?

Yes. Parents can use Family Link on iPhones with iOS 11 and later.

Can parents use Family Link on a web browser?

Parents can manage some of their child’s account settings on a web browser. Other features, such as setting a time limit for the time spent using a device, require the Family Link app for Android or iOS.

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Can kids or teens use Family Link on Android?

For best results, we recommend children or teenagers to use an Android device with 7.0 (Nougat) or higher. Family Link can also work on devices running Android 5.0 and 6.0 (Lollipop and Marshmallow). To learn more, visit our Help Center.

Can kids / teens use Family Link on a Chromebook (ChromeOS)?

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