IITE Ahmedabad Published Admission Programme 2021 info. For sarkarijobnaukari

IITE Ahmedabad Published Admission Programme 2021 Schedule For Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Resource Program and Certificate Courses

Apply online on official website @ www.iite.ac.in

● from date : 15 June , 2021 

● Email : [email protected] 

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Admission Brochure 2021 (English)

Admission Brochure 2021 (Gujarati)

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Curriculum Framework B.A.B.Ed.Curriculum Framework B.Sc.B.Ed.

Curriculum Framework B.Ed.

Curriculum Framework M.A.M.Ed.

Curriculum Framework M.Sc.M.Ed.

Curriculum Framework M.Ed.

Curriculum Framework M.A. Education

Curriculum Framework B.Ed.M.Ed.

આપના અથવા આપની આસપાસ રહેતા કે આપના સગા સંબંધીમાં કોઈના દીકરા -દીકરીને 2 વર્ષનું B.Ed.કરવું હોય અથવા 12 મા પછી 4 વર્ષનો B.A.,B.Ed. કે B. Sc., B.Ed.નો સળંગ કોર્ષ કરવો હોય તો હાલમાં IITE,ગાંધીનગર સાથે જોડાણ ધરાવતી સરકારી અને ગ્રાન્ટ ઈન એઇડ કોલેજોમાં પ્રવેશ માટેનાં online ફોર્મ ભરવાના ચાલુ છે.

  આ લિંક પરથી વધુ માહિતી જોઈ અને ઓનલાઇન ફોર્મ ભરી શકો છો..

10 જુલાઈ સુધી આ ફોર્મ ભરાશે.

કોઈને આંગળી ચીંધ્યાનું પૂણ્ય છે.

What is the benefit of having a good teacher in the village

It is a matter of the year 1996. The Government of Sidhkhadi village of Ambaji taluka in Banaskantha district has been appointed as a teacher by Shri Ma. Ishwar Nanji Bhai Patel U.V.  1800 population 95% tribal population 80% totally uneducated and almost all male desi mahuda addicted to alcohol superstition bharobhar deva devi sacrifice practice as if this son of Patel family who went to a good village in general Saurashtra  Gone, but thinking positively, the only thought that came to me was that nature has sent me to make a change in such a situation, whatever happens, I will work hard, I will work hard, I will not make any effort to change, in a short time, kinship has changed. 


Efforts were made to get it done, but now Sardar Patel’s descendant was Patidar. He will talk about this village to his wife who is going to stay forever on a firm decision.  Three teachers with Karmabhumi Total Acharya  The school is one of them. The son-in-law of the government gets paid without coming to the school. The village illiterate does not make any complaint, but Ishwar bhai khunche himself became the complainant.  On the other hand, Ishwar bhai was provoked by two or three gullible villagers of the village. Ishwar bhai was beaten to death by cattle.  As the education loving district education officer came, seeing the devotion of Ishwar Bhai and showing him strictness towards those workers, the villagers realized the truth over time. After the children of the village came to study regularly, the government wrote a letter to Mr. 


The time has passed to start studying regularly. The village has been taken to 100% de-addiction with hard work. Coordinated with the government. The village has been given the facility of road, road, primary health center etc.  Nurse  Rekha Bahen, wife of Ishwar Bhai, has been made unrivaled Samaras Sarpanch for the last 3 terms in the village. The village has also released alcohol and liquor. Both her children have also been educated in the village school  80 vehicles were loaded and people came. A new high school has been built in the village by coordinating with a Jain trader from Hira Bazar of Palanpur. At present 5 students of the village are preparing for ias / ips yet do not rent their house in the village.

In any election in the village, 90% of the votes are cast. The Aadhaar card is not to be made or the medical card of Amrutam Yojana. God Himself takes the responsibility.  I have started a gym in the village by taking the salary of one of the working youth. Since 1998, there has not been a single police complaint in the village that there has been no court case.  Just like that

Let us remember a teacher like Ishwar Bhai while paying homage to a commercial father.

IITE Ahmedabad Published Admission Programme 2021 Schedule For Under Graduate, Post Graduate, Resource Program and Certificate Courses

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