Urmakant Jaiswal


This app is too good and I am using regularly it is too easy. I have a suggestion i.e. when the financial year close the data should be shown as new page as well as ending month and opening month but we can easily go on previous year also data should not be crash. It shows all data while we maintain 2 – 3 Year data. In single entry day book. And I face one issue i.e. when I added a bill direct click picture but not added whenever I added bill picture by galary. So try to improve this bug.

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Khatabook Business Apps


We understand your requirement and we’d like to inform you that we are always working towards the best interest of our users. We’ll take this as a feedback & share it with the relevant team. In case of any changes, we’ll keep you posted.

arsil khan

✰✰✰✰ 12/11/21

This app is very good. i use it for many years. But it shows total balance in (total in) and (total out) but it does not show anything in daily balance. If possible, do it in the next update. So that by this we would know the total income of any one month.

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 Now you don’t have to keep a diary for accounts.

 Someone has given you Rs.  If you want, someone has Rs.  The list will always be handy on the phone if you want.

 Very useful for wool traders

Also will alert the opposite party with a message.

 Alert feature

It is very annoying to see something saved in the text interface after saving something. Without it, your apps would be good to use. I hope you will solve

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Khatabook Business Apps



Hi Sir, based on your review, we cannot gauge exactly what went wrong. Please write to us in detail about the issue at +919606800800, so that we can look into it immediately and get it resolved. We would love to give you a seamless experience on our app.

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Washim Reja


App overall experience is good but here’s my problems 1. While adding customer app always asking for contact permission, i mean why if i denied contact permission why would you always ask me? I know what is right for myself.

-And here’s a suggestion and i also need that Can you please bring option to move customer to archived folder as like WhatsApp?

 Full data backup feature in both app when changing phones.

 Accountbook app.  To install


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