Life Time Husband and wife will get a pension of 10 thousand rupees every month!  Learn about this plan

Life Time Husband and wife will get a pension of 10 thousand rupees every month!  Learn about this plan


Life Time પતિ-પત્નીને બન્નેને દર મહિને મળશે 10 હજાર રૂપિયા પેન્શન! આ યોજના વિશે જાણો

Sivatva “means the high mood of Lok Mangal in which every possible effort is made to eradicate the sufferings of others even after enduring many sufferings by oneself.  There can be no example.

Even though Lord Shiva himself was a fakir, but to many devotees like Vanasur and Ravana, he bestowed eternal auspiciousness, eternal majestic attire.

A person who does not have the feeling of public welfare, who does not have altruism in his instincts and whose mind does not swell at the sight of someone’s suffering, can never become a Shiva devotee just by saying Shiva-Shiva.  He who does welfare to the devotees in every situation is “Shiva” and he who has the spirit of welfare is “Shiva devotee”.

    There is no other god like Lord Mahadev who is altruistic and ascetic.  Look at the compassion of Lord Shiva, at the call of a devotee, the giants of Ganga gladly bear the very fast velocity on their head.

Later, keeping in view the spirit of public welfare, they also liberate Ganga.  The custom of the world is that here man wants to get a lot from others but does not want to share.

We should learn this from Ganga contained in the tresses of Lord Shiva, no matter how dear our object may be  Must give up.  Every work done for Lok Mangal is Shiva Pujan.

A person becomes great only by doing good deeds.  Thoughtful tendencies must be creative.  On the day when auspicious thoughts take the form of creation, even God is pleased and starts dancing.
Do something for the betterment of the society.  The society became healthy, virtuous and walked on the path of progress so that everyone is well.  This is what the Vedas say, when you do your welfare in every way, then do not run after wealth, indulgence.

took a lot from the world now it’s my turn to give.  Now live to give not to take.  Don’t forget this life is temporary.  So respect every moment of life.  When death comes, nothing will remain.  Neither this body, nor desires, nor fantasies, nor wealth.  That is how everything will end with you.

Do you know why Lord Shiva wears ashes on his body?  Let’s think about it.

Suppose there is a lot in this world.  Somewhere there are mines of gems and somewhere valuable treasures.  Somewhere there is a golden city and somewhere there is a palace inlaid with gems.  Somewhere there are beautiful gardens and somewhere there are cool lakes.  Somewhere there is a sandy desert, somewhere there are beautiful green mountains, but even after all this, all these things are going to be destroyed one day or another and are going to be found in the soil or a heap of ashes.

  Everything in this world today is nothing more than a mere pile of ashes for tomorrow.  Even our own body is nothing more than a handful of ashes.  The last and indelible truth of life is ashes.

So the ashes are the essence of every object and this is the essence that Lord Shiva holds on his body.  .

Your strength, your splendor, your immense wealth all have to stay here.  Learn to share what you have received from the Lord’s grace in charity, almsgiving, good deeds and service deeds as well as share and eat together!  This is humanity, this is divinity and this is the ultimate truth of life and the ultimate meaning of life

    If you want to escape the crowds of the world just do one thing, start walking on the path of truth.  There is very little crowd here and not everyone is ready to walk this path.  Although there are many other ways to avoid being in vain, walking in the truth will help you to get rid of worthlessness and get better.

Walking four steps towards the goal is many times more important than walking thousands of steps in the wrong direction.  Choose the truth as soon as possible so that even the ultimate truth can choose you.

Walking on the path of truth is the greatest adventure.  Creation is only by walking on the path of truth.  The welfare of the soul is achieved only by walking on the path of truth.  Truth may not get power, but Sachchinananda does.

The ignorant person wants to become big by hiding his mistake, while the wise person wants to become big by erasing his mistake.

Friends ..
In the High Court, Std.  Teachers from 1st to 5th Std.  A case has been filed regarding assignment of education work by placing it in 6th to 8th … (SCA 5261/2019) whose investigation no.  The High Court has made an oral order that std.  As per RTE and Government’s occasional resolution for 6th to 8th Std.  Teachers who do not have the required academic qualifications to do teaching work in 6th to 8th class cannot be assigned a single day of teaching work and this endangers the teaching work of children.

The court has also observed that how can the teaching work of any subject in Std. 6, 7 or 8 be assigned to a teacher working in Std. 1 in this way … ??
This will not harm the student academically … ??

Not with this.  The High Court has also suggested that in order to adopt such a procedure, the Director will have to submit an affidavit in the next period of the case.

This is only an understanding of the order made in the case … The purpose of this is only to give information about the order … because not everyone understands the order of the court … or this matter has not reached them … so no teacher anywhere  Don’t get me wrong …

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