Matter of exempting municipal teachers from the operation of BLO.

Subject: – Matter of exempting municipal teachers from the operation of BLO.

Reference: – Section Officer, Letter no.

ELC / 21/212 / six (cell) dated 07/10/2071

Regarding the above subject, it is to be mentioned that the representation dated 01/10/2071 regarding exemption of municipal teachers from the operation of BLO of Ahmedabad Municipal Teachers Board, G: Ahmedabad was received here on 15/10/2071 by the reference letter of the Section Officer. Is. A copy of which is attached herewith. In which, according to the Election Commission of India and MU. It is requested to implement the rotation system keeping in view the standing instructions regarding the appointment of BLO given by the office and to take appropriate action as per the rules on the submission of the petitioner and send a reply to the petitioner and send a report here within 3 days.

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Subject: – Matter of exempting municipal teachers from the operation of BLO.

Courtesy to state on the above subject and context that the Electoral Commission of India has directed the Electoral Commission to conduct the voter list special abbreviated program on the days specified in the campaign. Teachers are appointed. Ahmedabad Mun. Due to handing over the work to the teachers of the school board, the last 3 Muktiben L. It has a direct impact on the education of children who have been away from school since the rainy season. R.T.E. Although this task cannot be assigned to the teachers as per the provision of 2006, this task has been repeatedly assigned to one teacher after another. Many teachers have been given this job for a long time. Rotation method not implemented. So with immediate effect, we demand that the teachers of the Municipal School Board be replaced by the staff of other departments and the teachers of the secondary zone principal schools.

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પરિપત્ર જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

If our question. If no decision is taken, the Hon’ble High Court will have to take legal action in this regard. So make an immediate decision to permanently exempt municipal teachers from this operation

Is our demand.

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