Matter of information of application received for transfer in last two years in case of couple of primary teachers

Matter of information of application received for transfer in last two years in case of couple of primary teachers


SoE ( સ્કૂલ્સ ઓફ એકસેલેન્સ ) અંતર્ગત પસંદગી પામેલ શાળાઓના એક્રેડિટેશન બાબત


પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકોની દંપતી કેસમાં છેલ્લા બે વર્ષમાં બદલીની મળેલ અરજીની માહિતી

The totality of life and the perfection of life is to become Krishna.  Our scriptures state that the only and only Lord Krishna is a deity or personality who is full of sixty four arts.

The perfection of life is the meaning of life being full of sixty four arts.  The perfection of all the qualities in life is also to become Lord Krishna.

On the one hand they are perfect in radiance and on the other hand they are perfect in peace.  On one hand they are perfect in arms and on the other hand they are perfect in scripture.  If there are perfect speakers then there are also perfect listeners.  There are perfect dancers and there are also perfect lyricists.  If there is a perfect God, then there are also perfect devotees.

In the same way that all the rivers of the world fall and merge into the ocean, in the same way all the qualities of human beings come together in a perfect quantity in one life or in one particular character is to become Lord Krishna.

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That is why whenever Lord Krishna did and whatever He did, He has always done perfect.  Confession of each deed as well as work efficiency and dexterity is the most important teaching of the life of Yogeshwar Lord Krishna in the present time.

Anant Mangal congratulations to all of you on the manifestation of Yogeshwar Lord Krishna.


Assuming that the purpose of life is to achieve ultimate peace but it is never possible to achieve peace in life without conflict.  Peace is not the path but the goal.  It is impossible to reach this goal without a path of struggle.

Those who spend the whole day in vain talk are also deprived of the pleasure of deep sleep at night.  But the same people who spend the whole day in a struggle, in hard work, in manhood, also become entitled to deep sleep and deep peace at night.

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Life is just like that.  Here the path of travel is as difficult as the achievement of the goal is just as enjoyable and peace-giving.  But if the goal to be remembered is the best, the direction is right and there is loyalty in the effort, then the culmination of your struggle is going to be ultimate peace.


There can be evil in life but life can never be bad.  Life is an opportunity to be the best, to do the best, to get the best.  No one can abuse life on the day when one will understand the rarity of life.

   Life is a flower in which there are many thorns but there is no lack of beauty.  It is another matter that some people keep cursing the thorns and some enjoy the beauty.

   Life is said to be bad only by those whose eyes are fixed on thorns instead of flowers.  Only those for whom life is worthless are despised.

   Everything can be found in life but even if you give everything, life cannot be found.  Do not despise life but love it.  Instead of calling life bad, try to erase the evil of life, that is the wisdom.

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Self-esteem does not mean sticking to one’s word but not leaving the truth.  It is not a sign of self-esteem to try to justify one’s point by demeaning others, but it is self-esteem to stand firm on the truth without giving in to any pressure while giving due respect to the point of others.

Arrogant is one who likes to hurt others to nurture his ego.  Swabhimani is the one who chooses his own sufferings for the protection of truth.

What I am saying is the truth, it is a sign of arrogance and whatever is true I will accept it is a sign of self-esteem.  The reputation of one’s self-pride must remain but not by bending, dropping or crying unnecessarily.

Matter of information of application received for transfer in last two years in case of couple of primary teachers

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