no need for workers to wander for employment

no need for workers to wander for employment

 no need for workers to wander for employment

Talk of work / no need for workers to wander for employment

Unorganized and migrant workers do not have to wander in search of work. Employers will call them themselves and workers will be able to work wherever they want.

Workers do not have to wander

Work will be found under the promotion portal

This will be a boon for the port workers

The e-Labor Portal of the Ministry of Labor and Employment is preparing to link the job portal with upliftment. The e-labor portal was launched by the Ministry of Labor and Employment in August and according to data from the Ministry of Labor, 12 crore workers have registered on the portal till December 15.


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This will benefit

On the job portal developed by the policy commission efforts by the government, employment providers and workers give their information and meet on one platform. On Unnati Portal, job seekers from various fields like Textile-Garments, Telecom, Security Personnel, FMCG, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing, Construction express their needs.

A new beginning in the new year

According to sources, the e-labor portal could be linked to upliftment in the new year. The Ministry of Labor and Employment is already conducting employment exchange in the name of National Career Service, which was started in the year 2015 and all types of government-non-government job information are available here.

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Verification will not be required

According to sources, the promotion portal has been developed keeping in view the unorganized and migrant workers and it will especially help such workers to get jobs. Workers joining the e-labor portal have also been given a 12-digit identity card and will not need to undergo verification as they are connected to Aadhaar. During e-labor registration, a phone number is also provided, with the help of which workers can be easily contacted.

That is why the portal is being created

Unorganized workers are not educated enough to put all their information on job portals and wait for calls from companies. In such a case, if the e-labor portal is linked to the Unnati portal, the job providers across the country will have a database of these workers and they will be able to call the workers as per their need.

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ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Smaller companies will be needed


Sometimes small companies need workers but they don’t get workers. These companies rely on contractors for temporary wages and even the workers do not know where they will find work. The promotion portal will work to fill this gap.


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