Representation on Pension Scheme Important for teachers

Representation on Pension Scheme Important for teachers and all

9% of people in the country have antibodies but it is dangerous to be careless: CIRO survey Children’s risk of corona is low, primary schools can start New Delhi  200 million people in the country are also at risk.  On the other hand, two-thirds, or 3% of the population, is at risk of corona on an important anti-corona. 


વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો -વિડિયો 1

વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો -વિડિયો 2

The claim was made on the basis of the fourth national level CIRO survey.  |  This survey also came across as.  For the first time in 15 days, Corona’s daily cases dropped to 40,000. Bezos, the world’s richest man, made history by traveling to space in two more vehicles, the most deaths in any state in the last 15 days due to lack of oxygen.  The number of active cases in Corona’s daily country also crossed the 2.5 crore mark in the test, and the number of cases dropped sharply to 303,150.  Which was reached.  Corona’s second | 


Claimed that the states and the center are getting.  For the first time in the last four hours of the Corona, in a wave of 15,000 cases of oxygen shortages in many ruled territories, Washington may not have needed 15 crore doses to provide oxygen, but he became the second businessman to make a new origin.  This daily case has dropped and created a successful saga by Jeff, the richest man in the world.  Earlier, British businessman Richard Branson visited New Delhi, Ta.  20th Bezos returns to space Space Flight Space Gate |  There is less return to the Virgin Galactic, to those over 15 years of age in the country  The knocking year was back.  However, he did not cross the Carmen Line. 

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This came to line 9 and the total central government said that 12 in the country  Have returned to earth.  With Bezos |  With the youngest Oliver Damen of the year, the Earth’s gravity death toll has risen to 4.15 million.  The case came up and death  6 crore population aged more than one year due to scarcity  Three passengers went, the oldest to become an astronaut.  Is done.  The total number of cases has reached 12 in a single day.  The case did not come up.  And therefore to vaccinate them ||  Valley Fake, a 7-year-old, and the previous record was raised by a 9-year-old Benson pilot rocket plane to Rs 9,11 crore.  As many as one lakh tests were done, and in total, the central government will need 120 million doses for the vaccination campaign in the Rajya Sabha.  The youngest person from Holland |  Soviet cosmonaut Sherman Titov and went into space, against which, however, in a reply to Parliament ||  Oliver was 18 years old.  His oldest record ૭૭ John Bezos’ capsule was fully automated.  The onboard future was a single dose vaccine to administer it.  The first was a space trip.  There was no staff.  Thus, if given on a rocket, 150 million doses || 

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Even if Bezos is written in his name, space travel (research on May 17) will not be required.  Currently two doses of the vaccine may be given in the future in a single dose.  Pegasus Spyware has demanded the release of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, a well-known political expert, and an inquiry led by the Supreme Court.  3.18 crore doses to states by New Delhi, Ta.  In 50 cases, an explanation has been sought from the Center.  Congress leader Kapil Sibal has been made fast.  Reports of phone calls from several Indians, including Prashant Kishor, kept Parliament in check, while the then Congress and JDS government in Karnataka was stalled for another day.  Not only the Congress but also the BJP leader has been reported to be responsible for the entire Pingassus espionage scandal (research on May 11).  Bold ITI C is ww if (by representative) Mumbai, Ta.  20 houses have been razed.  The two were produced in court today. In Unaki, famous actress Sheila Koti’s husband’s 16th VD Niatano was given a pegasus for overthrowing the government in Karnataka and a New Shepherd rocket sitting in the Original Camouflage could also land 105 km above the surface. 

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