If someone says that he has never done anything wrong in his life, it means that he has not done anything strange in his life, he has not done anything new.  It is not a bad thing to make a mistake, it is a bad thing to make a mistake again and again.  No mistake you can make twice, if you repeat the mistake then this mistake is not your wish.

Achievement and criticism are both sisters.  If the achievements increase then surely your criticism will also increase.  It is not important whether people condemn or praise, the important thing is whether the responsibilities have been fulfilled honestly or not.
One more thing!  Courage is the name given to doing what one is afraid to do.  Man is created by his faith, becomes as he believes.  Trust yourself.  Forget what people will say.  Create your ideas without caring about people so that everyone can say “I agree with you”

Try to learn from the bitter truths of the past.  Instead of grieving over what is gone from life, try to handle what is left.  By making some new plans, get down to the battle of karma again with new hopes.

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What is lost cannot be returned.  Instead of blaming anyone for your loss, and retaliating, redirect your energy to your purpose.

How will the golden tomorrow of the future embrace you until you are free from your old sorrow, the bad memory of the past?

Everyone gets time to change lives
But not found by life,
To change the time.

Believe the truth, today man is less sad than his own sorrow and more sad than the happiness of others.  Today man is unhappy not because he has less but because another has more.

Our scriptures call it “jealousy”.  This jealousy also sucks blood like a mosquito.  But one difference between the two is that the mosquito sucks the blood of the other.  Living by seeing others is like living by hurting yourself.

   To burn at the sight of one’s happiness is to burn like a torch, which has to burn itself before it can be reduced to ashes by others.  What you have is undoubtedly enough.

Give thanks to God for what you have, increase your worth instead of blaming someone for what you did not get.  The only condition for you is to stop seeing how much the other has.

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     Live life consciously, not in competition.

  Once a sadhu mahatma was passing through the forest..then his eye fell on the calf of a wounded cat..he took pity on the cat and brought the cat with him to the ashram..the cat was treated properly and the cat was cured in a few days  Done .. Thus the cat became the favorite of Sadhu Mahatma .. But when Sadhu Mahatma was sitting under the tree to meditate, the cat started playing in his lap .. It climbed on his head, thus the attention of Sadhu Mahatma is not collected.  So Sadhu Mahatma tied the cat with a rope from the pipal tree in front of him.  When he came out of meditation, he would open the cat. Thus, Sadhu Mahatma would do this while meditating every day.

Over time, Sadhu Mahatma died. And another person took his place as per the rules. On the second day after the death of Sadhu Mahatma, the cat also died. Thus, the person sitting on the throne of Sadhu Mahatma in the ashram had to meditate.  ..That the other disciples said that while meditating, the Mahatma used to tie the cat under the pipal tree in front of him .and Pachij was sitting in meditation ..

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Hearing this, the new Mahatma who was sitting on the throne ordered to bring the cat.  So the disciples of the ashram caught a cat from a nearby village and brought it and tied it under a tree and then the Maharaja meditated … thus adopting this method for years..but no one asked why Sadhu Mahatma used to tie a cat under a tree  .?. And what was the reason.?.

Many traditions have come to the society in this way..when we ask what is the purpose behind doing this work?  Let’s say that our fathers and grandfathers used to do this years ago … so we have to do the same ..

There is a reason behind something happening .. It is important to know what the truth is ..

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