Simple and accurate digital compass in your pocket. East, South, West, North.

Simple and accurate digital compass in your pocket. East, South, West, North.

Gujarati Compass, Currant Location , Flashlight, 100 % Accuracy in Direction

Compass is one type of direction indicator. This app is used for navigation purpose. Compass navigates the all direction and by using this app you can find your right direction.




Compass is this type of tool you can used anywhere like walking, sailing, hiking, climbing, camping, flying. Compass is a one type of a friend of traveler, a person who likes to tracking.

Note-Your device should have a Magnetic Sensor otherwise this app is not work in your device.

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1. Flashlight
2. Screen light
3. can find your current location with latitude and longitude
4. Short information about vastushastra.

Simple and accurate digital compass in your pocket. East, South, West, North.

The most precise, accurate and smart compass or GPS compass available in android.

Digital Compass is the most accurate smart compass and a great tool for outdoor activities. This application allows you to determine the direction (bearing, azimuth or degree) you currently facing. Digital Compass build using the gyroscope, accelerator, magnetometer, gravity of the device. Make sure your device has an accelerator sensor and magnetometer sensor otherwise it will not function.

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– Show the current location(longitude, latitude, address)
– Show the altitude
– Show the magnetic field strength
– Show the slope angel
– Show the current accuracy state
– Show available sensor status on this device
– Add a direction pointer marker

The accuracy of the compass will interfere when the device is near any other magnetic interference, be sure to stay away from magnetic things/objects such as another electronic device, battery, magnet, etc while using the compass. If the accuracy becomes unreliable, calibrate the device by simultaneously flipping and moving the phone back and front in patterns 8(as screenshot illustrate).

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Some of the common usage of compass are:
– Adjust Television Antenna
– Vastu Tips
– Find Qibla direction(no guarantee)
– Finding horoscope
– Fengshui(Chinese)
– Outdoor activities
– Education purpose

N point to the north
E point to the east
S point to the south
W point to the west


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