તા .૦૧.૦૧.૨૦૨૨ લાયકાત તારીખ સંદર્ભે ફોટાવાળી મતદારયાદીની ખાસ સંક્ષિપ્ત સુધારણા કાર્યક્રમ બાબત લેટર

BLO ને રોટેશન પદ્ધતિ મુજબત્રણ વર્ષે બદલવા બાબત રજૂઆત

તદાર યાદી સુધારણા કાર્યક્રમ 1/11/2021 થી 21/11/2021 દિવાળી વેકેશન દરમિયાન  ફેરફાર બાબત રજૂઆત


“Subject: Dt. Sir, on the above subject, the Election Commission of India, New Delhi has announced a special brief correction program of the electoral roll with photographs with reference to the eligibility date of 01.01.203 from the letter dated 07/09/2071, accordingly. Detailed information has been given from the letters of the same number dated 2061 and dated 08/06/2021. According to the program given by the Election Commission, BLO has completed the work of checking the details of the voters by conducting field visits to the houses of the voters during the activities during the period of Pre-Revision activities. The BLO had instructed to make a list of eligible voters during the period of field visits to the homes of the voters and potential voters who would be eligible with reference to the date of 01.01.207. Pursuant to which (statistical) information has been prepared in the following form and sent through  30/04/2021.

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To give, is requested. Name of the District: Name and Number of the Assembly Constituency Number of Eligible Voters Not Registered in the Electoral Roll 2 As on 01.01.2070 Number of Potential Voters who will be eligible as per Form-6 obtained on Column-2. Number Remarks 1 3 4 5 Kula Put the above information in the designated folder only. Pdf or other scan copy will not be considered. Therefore, special care should be taken to ensure that the information is placed in .xls only.



     The rain is pouring down.  In the pouring rain, nature has flourished in sixteen arts.  Rain is a festival of nature!  Rain means vegetation.  The plant rose up;  Nailed.  Avanava leaves lying on the ground and starts peeping out.  The vines cover the entire fence.  On the electricity pole, the climbers can be seen asserting their right.  As if the pillar is decorated with vines!  Also, nowhere are the vines leaning against the wall.  Occupy the entire wall.

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   So somewhere in the wall, the same tree or pipe bursts.  This is very interesting to see.  Even this old man seems to be smiling mercilessly on the wall with a triumphant smile. 

After passing through the vibrations of Shri Manishbhai, not everyone remembers the happiest moments of life.  The rupee tied to mom’s palve or the occasional get-together between neighbors .. (Read on, it will be understood that it was not as formal as it is today.)  It is a pleasure to be a guest of the whole bean and to be able to eat something new this evening as a child .. whether it is a bore of a board or a trail leading between the fields .. after reading all these small occasions we also feel like  Happens.  As you go through every occasion, you will feel that yes, such incidents are always in our sight, but as I said earlier, Manishbhai has developed the sensitivity to capture those feelings.
  Talking about the art of knotting on his father’s scooter, Manishbhai really seems to be absorbing diligence from his father’s personality.  It can be seen on many occasions that daughter Dia is constantly providing strength.  Instead of giving direct answers to his innocent questions and as a conscious guardian of Manishbhai, we should also focus on developing understanding through experience.
  Manishbhai is also a good teacher and that is why it is not possible for him not to talk about his students in these written vibrations.  The student who says “I am Vivekananda” to Manishbhai every day is really a representative of such brilliant students in classrooms all over the world.
  Society, school, nature, family members, childhood occasions, farm, pastor – all these are Manishbhai’s never-drying vatrak.  He himself is soaking wet in the drizzle of these feelings and is diligently drawing these pictures inside himself.
  And we all wish that the drizzle of such vibrations would not stop from Manishbhai.

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