Guidelines for Transfer / Deputation of Employees Appointed with Fixed Salary on Contract Basis

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Guidelines for Transfer / Deputation of Employees Appointed with Fixed Salary on Contract Basis

Appointment with fixed salary on contract basis

Replacement of paid employees. Deputation

Government of Gujarat regarding guidelines

General Administration Vidyag Circular No. MIA-102017-212

Secretariat, Gandhinagar

Ta. 3/4/2018 Read (1) Information Circular of the same number dated 01-09-2017 (2) Circular of Charkha number dated 1.2-06-2017

Circulars The issue of periodic transfer / deputation from one district to another by the subordinate office even though the contract terms and bids of the employees appointed with fixed salary on contract basis in the state are not painted in the bids. Such Bali deputation was controlled by the circular dated 01-09-2018.

With the formation of new district talukas in the state, regular appointments will be made to the newly established offices until the general public gets the benefit of government schemes and services. The instructions to continue in the same district were sought from the circular dated 18-06-2010 taken in Vachan (ii). 2/3

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Injury notices could not be used for transfer of contract and fixed salary employees due to medical reasons as well as socio-economic and family reasons. Is performed. (1) In case of fixed salary, female employee and Divyang Kavita.

If the recruiting employee has completed at least one year of work, their other

The vacancy application of the district may be considered and changed. (2) According to the new advertisement of Class-III cadre, before the appointment of a new candidate for direct recruitment, a female employee of fixed salary who has served for at least one year and a male employee for at least two years. If the services have been rendered and such a candidate seeks transfer

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First of all, the work has to be completed on such vacancies and then the vacancy has to be filled and new recruits have to be recruited from expensive recruitment. In addition, two female employees of the same fear who have served for at least one year and who can be replaced if requested to do so.

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It is necessary to ensure that a final decision is taken after considering the transfer applications before announcing direct recruitment in respect of the above number (2).

(3) A male employee of a fixed salary who has completed at least two years of service and a female


ફિક્સ પગાર બાબત નો પરિપત્ર


The employee has completed at least one year of service and such candidate is self-employed

If a request for transfer is made on request, such application can be considered and exchanged from time to time


All of the above changes must be considered self-request

By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name,

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