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All circular

Dt. 16/01/201

(2) Declaration No. of Education Department: GH / SH / 02 / PRE / 1115 / SF-5 / K, Ta. -31 18021. (2) Resolution No. of Education Department: PRE / 112018 / Prani-2/3,

Dt. 16/06/2071


Recruitment rules for Assistant Education Inspector were published from the notification of the Education Department dated 19/01/2009 under reference (1). As per the provisions of these recruitment rules, the primary cadre of the Assistant Education Inspector is Primary E + / 313 / XT 506 505

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The teachers were considered and accordingly the primary teachers were entitled to the first higher pay scale of immediate promotion i.e. the pay scale of the Assistant Education Inspector. As there is no promotion cadre after the Assistant Education Inspector for Primary Teachers, they were entitled to second and third higher salaries as per the schedule prescribed by the Finance Department on Resolution No .: Pagar-12-9-2.A (M) dated 19/7/11. Was.

Subsequently, the recruitment rules of the head teacher cadre were published from the notification dated 17/1/2017 under reference (2) of this department. The primary teacher was retained as the feeder cadre of the head teacher as per the provision made by these recruitment rules. Provision was made in the notification to fulfill the prescribed qualifications for promotion to the post of head teacher or for attaining higher pay scale.

Name, Primary Teachers in the announcement dated 07/01/7 as per Anuksa Assistant Education Inspector and as per the declaration dated 17/01/2017, there are two vacancies for the post of Head Teacher. As per the resolution under reference (2) of 2013, it is voluntary to get promotion on the post of headmaster, they have been made to meet the first higher salary standard.

Subsequently, under the reference (2) of this section, from the declaration dated 3/06/2011, the recruitment rules of the head teacher, 12 were introduced.

Subsequently, the recruitment regulations of Assistant Education Inspector, 2016 were published from the notification under reference (2) dated 31/01/2018 of this department. According to the provisions of these rules, the head teacher cadre has been included instead of the primary teachers as the feeder cadre of the Assistant Education Inspector. Thus, there should be no direct light for primary teachers as well as promotion of head teacher

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There was a discrepancy between the higher pay scales for primary teachers to be voluntary.

At the end of the deliberations regarding the elimination of these discrepancies, the recruitment rules of the main Shidhrak, Class-II cadre have been amended from the notification dated 19/01/21 of this section under reference (2) and help from the notification dated 21/01/2021 under reference (2). Inspector Recruitment Rules, 2021 A.D.



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