Helath App and health information

Helath App and health information

Aditya Birla Health – Digital Health Ecosystem that puts the power in your hands


મોદી સરકારે કરી નાંખ્યા 4 મોટા એલાન

Home Learning Educational You Tube Video 22/11/2021
Home Learning Educational You Tube Video 22/11/2021

At Aditya Birla Health Insurance, we aim to be our customers’ health partners in addition to being insurance partners. Our purpose is to motivate families to prioritise health and live fulfilling lives. As you move towards a healthy lifestyle, we will be there for you at every step to make your journey


We believe that your health is in your hands. Hence, with the Activ Health app you can Track and manage your Health, Access Health Care and Access your Health Insurance details at your finger-tips. At every step, our experts will guide and help you get better every day to become the healthiest version of you. We want you to become the healthiest version of you, and we are committed to help you make it happen through the Activ Health App.

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# Track & manage your Health:

· Track your Fitness routine: The app syncs with health and fitness apps on your phone or with your fitness tracking device to o keep track of your health activities and motivate you to stay fit always.

· Earn your Active Dayz™: Now, track your health activities on the app and earn Active Dayz™. Active Dayz™ can be earned by completing a Fitness centre or yoga centre activity for a minimum of 30 minutes at our panel of Fitness or yoga centres or burning 300 calories or more in one exercise session per day, or simply walking and recording 10,000 steps in a day. Active Dayz™ help you earn Health Rewards (HealthReturns TM ). Health returns can be earned by completing your health assessment and undertaking any one of the activities mentioned above.

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View your Health Returns™ balance: Track your Health Returns™. Funds earned under HealthReturns TM can be used to buy medicines, pay for diagnostic tests, towards the payment of Renewal Premium or it can be kept like a fund for any health emergency.

· A Community to keep you healthy: Become a part of our health community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Share your health achievements in our community and secure a leader board rank.

Store and access your health history: Have a hassle-free experience as the app maintains your health history at one place.

#  Access Health Care:

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· Expert Health Coach: We have experts who will help you manage your health better and guide you to a healthy living.

· Experience convenience with health facilities like – Chat with a Doctor, Call a Doctor, Call a Counsellor, Ask a Dietician and more. Also get an easy access to health related requirements like list of hospitals, diagnostic centres, pharmacists in your vicinity to avail cashless benefits

· Stay updated with Health Blogs: Get latest health trends to support your health and fitness, nutrition, lifestyle conditions and mental health needs for an activ living.

· Health Tools: These health tools help you to measure your Cholesterol, calculate your blood glucose, blood pressure and more lifestyle conditions.

વજન કંટ્રોલમાં રાખવું હોય તો સવાર-સવારમાં ચા જોડે ન ખાશો આટલી વસ્તુઓ, 7 જ દિવસમાં અસર દેખાશે

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