ITI Admission Online Form start in Gujarat – this year 2020

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            ITI Admission start in Gujarat – 2020

ગુજરાત રાજયમાં ITI માં વર્ષ 2020 ની પ્રવેશ પ્રક્રિયા ઓનલાઇન શરૂ થઈ ગયી છે. 
રાજ્યની નિયંત્રણ હેઠળની આવેલ તમામ સરકારી/ ગ્રાન્ટ-ઇન-એઇડ/સ્વનિર્ભર ઔદ્યોગિક તાલીમ સંસ્થાઓના વાડાઓને ઓગસ્ટ -2020 ના પ્રવેશ સત્ર માટે ની પ્રક્રિયા શરૂ કરેલ છે. 
  • Important Dates :
For First Round
1. Online Form Start Date:-  – 01/07/2020
2. Last Date:- 27/07/2020
3. Filled form Submit on ITI college Last date:- 28/07/2020 Time 5:00 PM
4. Online Merit and Call Later Declare Date:- 04/08/2020
Second Round
1. Online Form Start Date:-  – 01/09/2020
2. Last Date:- 10/09/2020
3. Filled form Submit on ITI college Last date:- 11/09/2020 Time 5:00 PM

Third Round

1. Online Form Start Date:-  – 17/09/2020
2. Last Date:- 21/09/2020
3. Filled form Submit on ITI college Last date:- 22/09/2020 Time 5:00 PM

Fourth Round

1. Online Form Start Date:-  – 28/09/2020
2. Last Date:- 08/10/2020
3. Filled form Submit on ITI college Last date:- 09/10/2020 Time 5:00 PM
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Admission   Letter  in  Government Grant-in-Aid Autonomous Institutions administered by the Office of the Director of Employment and Training, Gandhinagar under the State Department of Labor and Employment.  With the help of computer software developed by the state of Gujarat, any candidate who wants to get admission to ITI of the state and is eligible for it can fill online admission form anywhere in the state through the internet. The government of India is done.

The industrialization of various sectors is increasing in the state and the nation in the present time. International companies are also setting up industries in the country. New sectors are emerging in the state.  Many candidates who have acquired skills through vocational training imparted through industrial training institutes are today getting good employment not only in India but also abroad so adopting vocational education is the best option to easily get employment and self-employment. Extensive and comprehensive training facilities are available to provide vocational training in government and grant-in-aid institutes operating in all the talukas of the state up to the hinterland under the control of the Employment and Training Department.

Admission Procedure The information booklet applies only to Government Grant-in-Aid and Self-Employed Industrial Training Center and can be used only for one year and two years to get admission in business while in case of less than one-year business separately from the concerned institution level.  Contact the concerned institutes in person for admission in Government Technical High School Divyang candidates training institutes as well as for the institutes training NCVT and govt pattern courses under the CTS scheme run in the independent institutes. 

Although the admission form can be filled through the internet, for the convenience of the candidates, by contacting any of the nearest government vocational training institutes or grant-in-a-centers in the state during working days, pay the prescribed fee of Rs.  20/- By date   Admission form for admission can be filled online on the website through the internet.

Online application form filled in Industrial Training Institute or Grant-in-Aid Industrial Training Centers will be accepted in person at Government Industrial Training Institute or Grant-in-Aid Industrial Training Center.

Considering the criteria for preparation of merit list after the due date, etc., the merit list has been prepared from the details of the total admission application form received at the institute which will be published at that institute. Notwithstanding the request for merit, the calendar of the times of the up close and personal visit can likewise be found on the notification load up at the foundation.


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