Kids learning usful application Karanpur drawing and 8 Kind of game

Kids learning usful application Karanpur drawing and 8 Kind of game

Free Preschool Learning Games for Kids. 8 Educational Games in 1.

Educational Games for Kids offers eight educational games together which is very useful for toddlers, kindergarten kids and preschool kids.


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Coloring Book consists of coloring pages to develop children’s creativity and enrich their imagination.

Kids can easily select the colors they want and they can easily make coloring.

The variety of colors and beautiful graphics provide creative and inspiring coloring activity.

Airplane, doll, car, bee, helicopter, cow, ship, crab, train, fish, race car, dolphin, duck, goat, shark, sea turtle, turkey and donkey are the pictures to be colored.

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Matching Game

In Matching Game, the children complete the game by matching the same objects among those in mixed sorted ones.

The animals, shapes, fruits and toys are the objects which their visuals are to be matched.

This game is a lovely and fun way of teaching the shapes, numbers, letters, colors and sounds to the kids
The entertaining sounds and visual effects emerging once the game is ended reward the success of children and motivate them.

Now download and play for free!

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It has been designed suitable for both the smartphones and the tablets.

Languages: English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

We develop educational games designed for toddlers, preschoolers and kids.

8 educational games included in the app are as follows:

Connect the Dots Game

Connect the Dots Game is a fun application teaching the correct sequence of numbers and letters to children.

The points can be connected with the numbers in sequence of 1-2-3 or with the letters in sequence of ABC.

When the points are connected in a correct manner then sometimes a cute animal and sometimes a snowman appears.

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Animal Sounds is a fun and educational application that teaches the sounds of animals to children.

Kids will have fun by listening to the sounds of their favorite animals.

The farm animals, wild nature animals, pets, birds, mammals and marine animals are waiting to be discovered by your children.

The game includes the sounds of lovely animals such as cat, dog, cow, horse, sheep, rooster, chicken, goat, turkey, bird, donkey, duck, dolphin, chick, camel, bee, monkey and elephant.

High quality and natural animal sounds are used.

Coloring Book

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