મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક

કહો હું કોણ છું ? રમત માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Today again a corpse was hanging on that tree in the forest.  Seeing the half-burnt and hanging Mercury’s corpse, Bhairosang and Dulu, who were standing in front, were horrified and both of them were crouching in front of each other.  Both of them used to come to this place every day without informing anyone after finding the four bodies.

“Bhairosang, it was like you didn’t set foot in the mansion … I feel like the handle given by Kalicharan is getting hurt …” Dula said covering his nose with a handkerchief to avoid the stench of the corpse.

This angry tree … those crows … to kill all our sheep by loosening them …. you don’t like all that … ??’ Dula kept repeating the same thing.

‘Hamjay She Dula Handhuye Hamjay She …. !!  Wet buried charu … How many lands have you all digested together …. How many rupees have I given to get rid of all this in Atar Lagan … I don’t know everything.  And Bherosang will run away from the magic of these ghosts that you have created … Wow Dula Wow …. No one will be able to help you in the walk …! ‘

‘E badho taro bharam she, bhairosang …!  The ghost will wake up … Nakki e apane koine nai mele …! ’Dula had no other words now.

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‘So let me account for my land deeds and my rupee pie pie …!’ Shouted Bhairosang as if roaring a lion.

‘Don’t fill you in this bheru of yours …?’

‘No, not at all … !!  Don’t put a single percent on you …. You will frighten me with ghosts with your hands … You can’t say that this Bhairosang doesn’t go, so Sandhuy Dula’s …! ‘The quarrel between Bhairosang and Dula became more intense in the forest.  Was gone.

‘If I don’t fill you, now you go your way and I go my way …!’ Dullo proceeded to get out of there.

‘Im you or I mean to change the way?  Remember, you are my ryot, I am your king … If this is my refuge, then you can stand on my own two feet …! ‘

Dulo got angry on hearing this … and spat loudly on the ground, saying,

Hearing this, Bhairosang became angry and a heavy Adboth with his closed fist hit Dula’s mouth.  Dulo was not ready for Bhairosang to attack in this way.  A heavy fist hit Dula hard.  He ate the lump and his lip was slit … his teeth gritted and blood started coming out of his mouth.

Tantric confidence increased the trust in both of them.  The three of them stood up when the angry tree came.  It was still two hours before midnight.  The tantrik laid his stuff there and started the ritual.

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‘The good evil spirit wandering here will be in my fist now …!’ His voice roaring in the forest was slowly becoming frightening and dark.

In this direction, the Ramzat of Garba which started in that tribe was completed at eleven o’clock.  Luni, Bodo and Kanan walked on the hill without fear of darkness …!

The aghori stood up in the middle of his ritual and said, ‘Wo atma abhi nahi aa rahi hai … ab main saamne ja raha hoon … koi badi atma ki ahat lage to ye pani us par chitak dena …. wo khud  The water itself will go away …! ‘Harji and Ragho were trembling with fear … Ragho grabbed the bottle with trembling hands.  He left Aghori Harji and Ragha alone and walked away.

Aghori sat on a small hill.  From there he could see both the tree and the tree.  He took something out of his black bag and arranged it towards them.

At this point some voices started coming on the hill …. Aghori looked at him from his night vision binoculars and said, ‘Oh .. my God …!’

Soon a terrible laughter was heard where Ragho and Harji were standing.  Aghori pointed his hidden camera at him …

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When Ragha looked in the direction of that sound, he trembled …. a huge and foul-smelling shadow was coming towards him … remembering Ragha, he started sprinkling water on the bottle on him ….  Death ordeal started around both of them …..!

When Harji saw his face, he said ….. Kho …… D …..! ‘And suddenly their bodies were lifted in the air ..  Ardhamuva became …. ‘Ma … D … Ma …. Phi …. R … Kho … Pa … !!’  Mandamand came out …. and finally the bodies of both of them started burning …!

Seeing him die like this, the shadow was laughing … the forest was trembling … and all of a sudden all the belongings of Aghori lying under the Khijra tree were automatically thrown away in the forest.  The corpses of Ragha and Harji automatically started hanging on the corpses.  The flesh of his body began to fall down and his branches began to be stained with black blood.

The shadow ran on the hill again and passed by Aghori throwing a hot air …. It was fluttering for the first time in Aghori’s life …. His hands were shaking ….!


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