Matter of celebrating National Voters Day-2021 ”(NVD-2021)

Matter of celebrating National Voters Day-2021 ”(NVD-2021)

Matter of celebrating National Voters Day-2021 ”(NVD-2021)
Next Date: Necessary instructions are given regarding the design of the celebration of “Eleven (11) National Voters’ Day” to be celebrated across the country on January 25, 2021, the most details of which are as follows:
As per the instructions of the committee , so as to celebrate the National Voters’ Day-2021, emphasis has been laid on disseminating various technological initiatives implemented by the Commission to supply various services to the voters during the elections, especially during the Koro epidemic. For this, the committee has suggested the subsequent various activities additionally to the activities undertaken within the past under normal circumstances in reference to the celebration of “National Voters’ Day” within the state.
1, specialise in technological tools:
Special emphasis are going to be laid on popularizing the technological tools developed by the Commission to make sure transparent, free and fair election process at the present also on reach the utmost electorate through more efficient publicity.
a) Launch of e-EPIC: E-EPIC are going to be launched on the occasion of NVD-2021. Under which voters are going to be ready to download their voter ID card in their mobile or commuter.
b) e-EPICometer: A dashboard are going to be created for monitoring e-EPIC downloaded on ECI / CEO’s website.

State / district level icons regarding technological innovation initiated by the committee and. Dissemination of propaganda on social media platforms by appropriate hashtags by other participants like civil society organizations, educational institutions etc. and tagging the official social media platforms of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer and therefore the committee in such hashtags.
2. Comprehensive Communication Plan:
Organize dissemination through electronic, digital and social media, messaging apps and little group messaging.
1. Using All India Radio, Doordarshan also as FM Radio, Community Radio, medium etc. for publicity.
i. Using social media and digital media to spread awareness in urban also as semi-urban areas.

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Voter List Special Reform Program, Content / Material developed during the election which shows the utilization of masks / hand gloves and maintains social distance are often employed by making appropriate changes.
V. To publicize voter awareness during the Corona epidemic and efforts to extend confidence within the voting system .

All general Voters who have valid EPIC

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