Names of the month in four languages

Names of the month in four languages

Number of Days in a Month

The ancient Romans started with a 1010− months calendar, and Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Junius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December were the original months in the Roman calendar. There were unaccounted 6060 days in the calendar.

Then the months Januarius and Februarius were added at the end of the year to cover those 6060 extra days. In 46B.C.46B.C., Julius Caesar changed the calendar. The year got divided into 1212 months, having 3030 or 3131 days, except Februarius, which was added at the end with 2828 or 2929 days.


ચાર મહિના નાં નામ વાચંવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Spring Months

Out of twelve months, other months consist of different seasons. Spring Season – The months we have in the spring season are March, April, and May.

Weeks to Months

Weeks and months are two different ways to show the time. You can easily convert the number of weeks into days as you know that you have seven days in 11 week. However,  conversion of the weeks to months is not that simple as you do not have any of the conversion formulas for this.

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Now, let us make this week-to-month calculator easier, which works on simple logic. In a month, you have 3030 or 3131 days, and in the week, you have seven days.

Names of the month in four languages


Example: Conversion of 1010 weeks into months.

In 1010 weeks total number of the day, we have 10×7=7010×7=70 days

We know that 11 week =7=7 days.

Here, 7070 days =30+30+10=30+30+10

So, you can say that 1010 weeks is similar to 22 months and 1010 days.

10∴10 weeks =2=2 months and 1010 days.

You can use the below-given table for better understanding:

Example sentences in which months are used

  1. Robin went to Canada by the end of this January.
  2. The month of February has a less number of days as compared to others.
  3. Every year, the annual closing day for all accounts in each sector is always held in March.
  4. The football season is from September to April.
  5. Stephen’s college is going to end in May this year.
  6. There are no holidays and festivals in the month of June.
  7. We are planning to celebrate a get-together party in the first week of July.
  8. Joseph’s wife passed in the month of August last year.
  9. Senior students are going to arrange the teachers’ day function in September this year.
  10. The World Cup tournament of Fifa Soccer is going to start in October.
  11. November month has always been a very lucky month because we achieved a lot of happiness in this month.
  12. The last day of December month has always been celebrated everywhere as it is also the last day of the whole year.

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