“Hey … bring as much as you have. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes you have to understand us sometimes. Give it when you come back.”  – The shopkeeper spoke with a smile.  In the words of that young shopkeeper there was a sod of humanity and culture.  “But I rarely have to come here.”  – I replied back.  “Hey sir, I worry about work. Give it to me when I have to come. I don’t mind.”  – Answering the young man again showing the mot of his mind.  Laughing at that, I said goodbye.
The thing is, we stopped at a hotel to have tea.  I picked up what I needed from the shop next to the hotel.  The item cost only three rupees.  After taking the thing I realized I didn’t have a break.  Saw the wallet and pocket puffy.  But did not let go.  So I carried a fifty note and said, “I’m sorry. But I don’t have a break.”  “Hey sir! I don’t even have a leave. Leave it. Give it again. If you want anything else, say it sir. You won’t have to worry.”  – He answered me loudly.
So three rupees is not a big amount.  But even without any kind of identification, it is difficult to salute such people who are helpful to others.  I have seen the humanity of that young man while standing there.  All incoming customers are greeted with joy and laughter.  Asks immediately.  Serves free drinking water.  A jug full of water.  Otherwise, even a bottle of water can sell for two paise.  The aroma of youthful humanity impressed and illuminated me.  Sometimes the greatness of the minds of the so-called little men is too great.

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“Let’s leave Tamas and go to Tej Bhani,
Happy Diwali to all India now. “

Let us light the divine lamp of Dipotsavi and greet the new dawn of the new year.  The auspicious rituals of the festival protect the religion.  Organizes society and pleases distance.

Happy Diwali and Happy New Year Prabhat to everyone’s life.  Pray to God that the coming New Year of Vikram Samvat will bring good luck, happiness and well-being in your life.

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        “Hey, sir! Were you with Sarik Sahib? Where are you going, sir? Speak? Come, come, sir, sit down, sir.”  – A young man spoke discreetly while making room in the rickshaw.  For a moment I was amazed.  Before I could think of anything, the young man spoke again politely, “Hey sir, sit here.”  Respecting her discretion and insistence, I sat in the rickshaw.  He continued, “Saheb! Are you a B teacher? I am a student of Sarik Saheb. You sit quietly, sir. I will let you down. Sir, Sarik Saheb used to teach very well.  But sir, I drive a rickshaw from Ijjat and live from Ijjat. ”  Then we talked a lot.
The seeds of culture and society were sown in the youth.  There was a tendency to earn a living by honesty.  There was a hint of modesty in his behavior.  He was committed and committed to his business.  There was constant respect in his behavior.  He took me to my place and said with a laugh, “Come on sir! See you again.”  I also extended my hand with laughter and said goodbye.  Memories of that young man kept playing in my mind and heart till I reached home.  The behavior of some individuals gives a unique impression to the mind and heart.
The thing was that my teacher friend Sarikbhai had come to put me on the cross.  So that I can find a tool.  Just as they reached the crossroads, the young man’s voice came to their ears, “Good sir!”  Sarikbhai also looked in front of him, extended his hand and laughed.  They dropped me off and left.  While I was still standing, the young man approached me and humbly urged me to get into the rickshaw.  Here I saw a student’s attitude towards his guru.  The young man also showed great contempt for his Guruji’s friend (I).  Praise be to the discipleship of such a disciple!

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