There are 153 policy decisions. It has been decided to solve all the above questions expeditiously. A ray of hope for the educated unemployed: The government has made a concerted effort to overcome unemployment by recruiting in primary schools and other departments. * Academic Assistant Total ………. 25,000 appointments, out of which 1 has been appointed

NPSબાબતનો લેટર વાંચો

In GCERT, 97 appointments in DIET, 119 appointments * Technical * 605 appointments * Higher Secondary teachers * Secondary teachers accepted 170 appointments ……… 1,229 appointments * Principal (Non Government) and U. mother.). 262 Appointment Officers of Gujarat Education Service Class-1 17 Principal in Government Schools 17 ……. 17 Appointment. 117 Appointment Thus, a total of … 27,616 employees will be recruited. The vision of the state government is to provide food to 100,000 unemployed. In this, the Department of Education alone has eliminated 27,166 people from unemployment.

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Complaints in the appointment of Vidya Sahayaks: In all the districts except two districts of the state, more than 18,000 Vidya Sahayaks have attended schools in the primary phase. The recruitment of Vidya Sahayaks was completed in the presence of prominent people of the society in each district as per the rules made by the Government in-charge of the Ministers, Members of Parliament, MLAs as well as the Government.

Appointments were made on the basis of merit in recruitment, and thus Vidya Sahyaks who were present in those schools, but for some reason in Mehsana, Banaskantha, Panchmahal, Bhavnagar and Junagadh districts had already made changes in the appointments of some Vidya Sahayaks Had gone. As soon as the state government came to know about this, the new appointments were canceled with immediate effect and returned to their original places.

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To assist him from above, to act on the clerk as well as the staff of Revenue and Panchayat Department which was also written to that department. That Shri in Bhavnagar district. J. Johnny Sini. Clarke, Mr. D. That. Makwana – Old. Clarke adjourned duty. Mr. G. in Vadodara District. D. Rathwa old. Clarke was placed on duty suspension. Backlog of SC, ST and Bakshi: As a new cadre of Vidya Sahayakas, it was well believed that SC, ST and Bakshi vacancies were filled up by percentage as per General Administration Department’s proposal of 23-9-94 in the districts Was. • Accordingly in the recruitment of 18,254 educational assistants. 935 candidates • App. Out of the tribal 3,75545 candidates of 32335 Vidya Sahayaks of Bakshi Panch caste of Valmiki Samaj, 1595 candidates were recruited. • SC, ST backlog ranks were 341 and 866 respectively.

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The state has 75 lakh children, 1,62,000 primary teachers and the Department of Primary Education is run by more than 30,000 schools. To conduct it, to recruit, supervise and test teachers, to prepare syllabus, to distribute textbooks – uniforms and educational materials, to train teachers, to pay salaries, to retire For, to pay salaries, to make salary bills and to conduct educational activities. at the same time. It is difficult. 8 to 10 promenades depending on the geographical units of the state.


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